A 2 year external evaluation of the Passport to Health Service has been conducted as part of  Knowledge Transfer Project. The Council (Active Lifestyles & Health Improvement and Public Health) in partnership with The University of Bath’s Department for Health set the objectives of the evaluation along with involvement from Sirona Care & Health’s Healthy Lifestyle Service, local practice nurse and a representative from knowledge transfer partnership. The aims of the evaluation included providing insight into the content and performance and how it is experienced by service users.

There were 7 outcomes from the evaluation based around:

  • Client experiences
  • Reach of the programme
  • Equity of delivery across Bath and North East Somerset
  • Service user outcomes
  • Referrers experiences
  • Economic assessment
  • Development of an evaluation toolkit to help managers ensure they are effectively evaluating a service.

Full details of these outcomes are reported in the summary and full report documents on this page.

Summmary Report

Full Report

This evaluation toolkit has been designed in collaboration with the University of Bath to assist local authority employees with monitoring and evaluating service performance.

The toolkit consists of:

  • Six short best-practice guides
  • A pool of validated measures and monitoring guidance
  • A glossary of useful terms
  • Signposts to further resources
  • Tools to assist with data analysis
  • Short best-practice guides

The toolkit consists of six short best-practice guides which are designed to support you in:

  • Monitoring service performance
  • Determining client satisfaction
  • Evaluating a new intervention or service
  • Choosing appropriate research methods
  • Conducting focus groups and interviews
  • Performing data analysis

These guides are available in downloadable PDF format from this webpage.

All resources provided are general and should be tailored to meet your requirements.

Further resources

The following resources have been developed to assist you with performing service evaluations. (to be updated)

  • A list of further resources to signpost you to further guidance.
  • A glossary of useful terms
  • A pool of validated questionnaires and monitoring guidance
  • Data analysis tools
  • Case studies

All resources are available in PDF format from this webpage.

If you have further questions please contact Jessica Brodrick/Claire Graham or Dr. Fiona Gillison (f.b.gillison@bath.ac.uk).

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