Fit to Eat

Fit to Eat is a project all about learning to eat safely and healthily.  People with learning difficulties got together in workshops to talk about the things they found really hard about cooking, cleaning and eating healthily.  This gave us the ideas for a great information pack called 'FIT TO EAT'.

You can create your own pack by downloading the four large and easy to understand information leaflets on cooking, cleaning, chilling and healthy eating.  You can add to the pack by purchasing helpful things such as a fridge thermometer, cleaning cloths, a magnetic cleaning checklist and a magnifying glass.

To help with cooking, the pack has three large easy to understand recipe cards for spaghetti bolognaise, tomato dahl and shepards pie.  The project was previously funded by a grant from the food standards agency and devised in partnership with Lifeskills for living, B&NES council and Connections Day Services.

Make your Fit to Eat Pack by including the following:

4 Leaflets:-
Recipe Cards:-

Tomato Dahl

Shepards Pie

Tips and other items you may want to add:

  • A non-permanent marker pen for use with the cleaning schedule
  • A permanent marker pen to write clear "best before" and "use by" dates on jars, bottles and packets etc
  • Coloured cloths for cleaning:-
  • Blue for surfaces
  • Yellow for the floor and bin
  • Pink for pet dishes
  • Green sponge for washing up
  • A thermometer which reads "ok" when the fridge reached 2-4°c - Available from Bolt Colour Change Ltd tel: 0208 877536, Coldzone Fridge Thermometer
  • A pedometer to encourage walking
You can laminate the leaflets and recipe cards to help them last longer

We hope you enjoy using these resources!

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