Bath and North East Somerset Inclusive Sport and Physical Activity Association

B&NES Inclusive Sport and Physical Activity Association (BISPAA) was constituted in January 2008, with the aim to:

'Promote and increase physical activity opportunities for children and adults, with physical and learning disabilities and mental ill-health, including young carers, through consultation, promotion and activity.'

Main objectives:

  1. Provide training and awareness opportunities for both service users and leisure providers, including sports clubs
  2. Deliver inclusive sport and physical activity
  3. Increase opportunities and develop a pathway for inclusive sport and physical activity
  4. Act as a network to promote BISPAA, give advice to local groups, clubs and organisations
  5. Write an inclusive delivery action plan, including setting of key performance indicators
  6. Assist in the raising of money for any purpose approved by BISPAA

The membership of BISPAA includes, but is not restricted to, representatives from:

  • Sport and Active Leisure
  • Adult Services
  • Children's Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Young Carers Association
  • West of England Sports Trust
  • School Sport Partnerships
  • Leisure Service Providers
  • Sports Clubs
  • Sports Coaches
  • Voluntary Sector Groups
  • Service Users

Ben Rushgrove, Silver Paralympian at the Beijing Paralympics, has become Patron of BISPAA.

"As a young boy I was introduced to athletics by my PE teacher, after she watched me run around the school. Without her dedication and belief in my abilities to succeed  I would not have pursued sport any further.  As a disabled person I believe that everyone has the right to participate in sport and phyiscal activity at all levels, regardless of their ability.  I am delighted to become Patron of BISPAA and hope that within my role I may be able to inspire more disabled people, young or old, to be more active!"

For further information on BISPAA please contact the Sport and Active Lifestyles Team

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