Inclusive Activities in Bath & North East Somerset

There are many opportunities for inclusive sports participation.

Sports Rush allows you to search for Inclusive Sports and Clubs across Bristol, Bath, Somerset and South Gloucestershire

  • West of England Inclusive Sport Partnership (WISP) have created an online hub for anyone looking to get involved or interest in inlcusive sport. The new program called Sport Rush provides local oppurtunities for disabled people to take up sport.

Wheels 4 All - Inclusive cycling programme 

  • Cycling sessions which allow everyone to take part with adaptable bikes for all abilities. 

Inclusive After School Club provided by Bath Rugby Foundation.

  • Multi-Sport Oppurtunities for young people aged 7-18.
  • Runs in term-time, every Monday 4-5pm at Bath Sports and Leisure Centre (BA2 4ET)
  • For futher information, or to enrol on the course, please contact Caryl Thomas,

Is your club inclusive? 

“A service to a disabled person on terms which are worse than the terms offered to other people, without justification” In other words this means the all sports clubs should be open to disabled people to become members and participate in activities.

So what does this actually mean?

Clubs are expected to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to facilities and working practices to ensure that disabled people are not prevented from joining in.

For example this may take the form of provision of a ramp or enlarging signs on the premises.   However, it is just as important as changes to buildings as it is for clubs to adopt a positive ‘can do’ attitude towards inclusion by providing for staff training with volunteers.

Other ways to create a positive approach to compliance
  • Promoting an ‘inclusive environment’ in all clubs through education and social interaction
  • Giving people choice in their activities – not presuming that they will not wish to try something new or difficult
  • Giving equal attention to all you disabled participants
  • Making use of existing networks like The English Federation of Sports Disability Sports (EFDS) See the contacts at the end of this section.

Won’t this cost us money?

 Some facility changes can be costly but other adaptations can be simple:
  • Making sure all signs and leaflets are available in large print and plain English
  • Grants are available from a number of organisations which may be used to assist with minor changes to buildings.
  •  for more information on grants. 

How do we get started?

Welcoming smiles for all!

  • As clubs - start to work with local disability groups (e.g. EFDS & Sports West) Disabled people are used to using these networks
  • Set out a clear policy on Inclusion - see EFDS for sample policy documents at

For more information visit the Disability Discrimination Act website.

Contact the Regional office of the EFDS on or by email

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