If your child has asked to participate in Bikeability training, you may find some of the following information useful in helping you prepare for the training.

In the interest of safety, the Cycling Instructor reserves the right to decline training to any trainee who does not meet the basic requirements at the start of each day, or whose behaviour may put at risk the safety of other people, including - instructors, volunteers, other trainees or themselves.

Consent for children to participate in the training must be given in advance of any training. Consent forms will be provided to parents/guardians by the school or by our team if you booking directly with us. Payment will be requested in advance.

To be able to participate, all trainees must:

  • Bring a roadworthy bike 
  • Wear a properly fitting cycle helmet 
  • Wear weather appropriate clothing (layers, gloves, hats, waterproofs)
  • Wear socks to tuck their trousers into if required
  • Bring their own water and snacks and lunch if required
  • Wear and bring sun protection
  • Bring any medication that they may require

The cycling instructor will perform a basic bike check at the start of every core training course and in the interest of safety the instructor reserves the right to decline training if the bike is unsafe to use. If you have any questions about your bike, please do contact us on bikeability@bathnes.gov.uk


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