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The following Bikeability Plus modules are also available to book directly with B&NES Council, though there may be a waiting list for popular courses. These include:

Bikeability Fix teaches trainees how to perform basic maintenance on their bikes and, when run prior to core Bikeability Level 2 courses, can also help to make sure that bikes are roadworthy when they are subsequently brought to Bikeability core training sessions.

  • Once trainees have completed their Bikeability Fix training they will be able to:
  • Understand key parts of a bike/what an inner tube does
  • Check whether or not a cycle is roadworthy
  • Use basic maintenance tools (allen keys, spanner, puncture repair kit, pump)
  • Locate and patch a puncture
  • Fit a cycle to a person by raising and lowering the seat post and ensure saddle is straight on
  • Fix sessions cost £10 per head which includes consumables.

Bikeability Balance is a series of school-based sessions that aims to provide children in

Reception and Year 1 with the basic balance and co-ordination skills they will need to learn to ride and take part in Bikeability Level 1, using games and balance bikes. Courses are normally 6 hours long (delivered over 4 sessions).

Once trainees have completed their Bikeability Balance training they will be able to:

  • Come to a controlled stop using a brake, if the balance bike has one
  • Use come to a controlled stop using their feet
  • Start a balance bike using their whole foot
  • Look in the direction of travel
  • Change direction
  • Glide with both feet off the ground
  • Play control skills games on a balance bike
  • Share space and communicate with other people

Balance courses cost £5 per head.

Other Bikeability Training

There are a number of other Bikeability training modules that are part of the Bikeability and Bikeability plus remit, however, these are not currently planned locally. If you feel that one of the following programmes might be what you need, please do contact us.

Bikeability L3 Level 3 training teaches the trainee the skills to tackle a wider variety of traffic conditions than Level 2. It is designed to equip trainees with skills that enable them be able to deal with all types of road conditions and more challenging traffic situations. The course covers dealing with hazards, making ‘on-the-move’ risk assessments and planning routes for safer cycling.
Young Boy with bike Bikeability Learn to Ride – Aimed at children or adults, who are unable to cycle.
Family bike road Bikeability Ride – A series of led rides along pre-determined, low traffic/traffic-free routes, designed to boost confidence for a variety of audiences. Participants can be new to, or returning to, cycling.
Cycling to school image Bikeability Transition - Provides students moving from primary to secondary school with route planning skills and the opportunity to then cycle the planned route to their new school.

To find out more about local training, please email or call 01225 396429.

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