A Volunteer Supporter (VS) is someone who has volunteered to work with the Service by offering some of their free time to support children, young people and their parent/carer.  This means they may only be available on certain days and times of the week, and we ask young people or parents/carers to give us at least a week's notice if they would like a volunteer to support them at a meeting.

Volunteer Supporters are trained by SEND Partnership Service staff on SEN policies and procedures.  VS give children, young people and parents/carers impartial information, advice and support which then empowers them to make their own informed decisions.

Please note:

  • VS will help you express your views at meetings but will not usually speak for you.
  • VS maintain confidentiality and follow the SPS Confidentiality Policy.
  • VS will check out information for you if they don't know the answers.
  • After meeting with an VS, make sure you agree any follow-up actions or appointments.
  • Please keep arranged appointments as our VS are giving you their time voluntarily.
  • If you have concerns about your support from a VS, please contact Chris Jorgensen, Operational Lead, SEND Partnership Service on 01225 394382.

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