In 2011-12, B&NES Catering Services provided a hot school meals service to 60 B&NES primary schools and one academy, and a packed lunch service at the other B&NES primary school.

4,900 meals are eaten every day – an average of 80 per school. Kitchens produce between 50 and 320 meals per day, an average of 136 per kitchen.

The school with the highest number of daily meals provides 208 per day but at one school only 10 meals per day are demanded. Such variances produce large differences between schools in the cost of providing a meal.

Overall, nearly 4 out of 10 (38.6%) primary age children choose to have school meals in B&NES. In the South-West, the average take-up is 31.8% and in England it is 46.3%. Meals take-up is normally highest in cities, where a high level of eligibility for free school meals may be a factor. Many of the highest levels of take-up (60-70%) are reported from the London boroughs, from around Manchester and from the North-East of England. (Source: School Food Trust Survey 2011-12).

The take-up in B&NES primary schools varies between 20% and 80%. The take-up of free school meals is 76% of those who are eligible. Overall demand has increased steadily following the slump in 2005-06 and the number of meals demanded now is higher than in 2005.

School Food Trust Survey

Freedom of Information Act

Enquiries about primary school meals should be sent to

Enquiries about school meals in secondary schools in B&NES must be addressed to those schools individually. A list of B&NES secondary schools is available at Education and Learning Schools and Colleges.

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