School Transport Survey results 2017

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent survey on the quality of home to school transport.  This survey was sent out to all families who have a child in receipt of council supported transport to school.  The results of this survey based on 456 returns are as follows:

Communication on the following is good:
2017 2016
Agree / Strongly Agree Don't know / N/A Agree / Strongly Agree Don't know / N/A
Contacting Admissions & Transport to apply for transport 73.33% 23.11% 68.57 % 26.13 %
Finding out about Transport Entitlement or Fare Paying Passenger Scheme 53.72% 38.83% 47.44 % 46.65 %
Receiving details of pick up point or pass 84.26%   9.98% 82.51 % 12.77 %
Contacting Transport Services after transport has been arranged 60.49% 34.15% 66.07 % 28.99 %
To  what extent do you agree/disagree with the following statements?
2017 2016
Agree / Strongly Agree Don't know / N/A Agree / Strongly Agree Don't know / N/A
Ease of making a payment on-line at 27.05 % 70.68 % 25.81 % 72.38 %
The quality of vehicles used for journeys to and from school is satisfactory 86.53 %   2.87 % 86.63 % 2.71 %
The transport is reliable and usually arrives within 10 minutes of schedule 86.84 %  0.66 % 89.51 % 0.00 %
There is always a seat available (do not answer if you travel on a public transport route) 92.39 %  3.80 % 95.23 % 1.79 %
The drivers are friendly, polite and sympathetic to customer's needs 87.06 %  2.19 % 82.59 % 3.87 %
We know that standards are set with respect to driver behaviour and vehicle safety 83.52 %  8.57 % 83.24 % 6.82 %
We are given sufficient notice of changes to the service and the information provided is accurate and clear 60.36 % 28.29 % 68.48 % 19.26 %
We know who to contact if we need any information regarding the service provided 79.16 %   7.98 % 79.07 %   4.84 %
Any problems that occur with Transport are dealt with satifactorily 57.85 % 32.06 % 60.04 % 30.41 %
Staff are competent and treat customers fairly 83.56 % 10.44 % 84.57 %   9.77 %
Overall we would rate the service provide as good 91.81 %   0.66 % 92.59 %   0.39 %


We are continually considering ways to communicate with you better “including by phone, in writing, through our website and social media  By making information easy to find, as well as improving our payments section and communicating information in a timely manner  we aim to ensure that you do not have any unanswered questions.  This is a continuing process and we will be taking the additional comments people made on their survey returns into consideration.

If you have a question regarding home to school transport, please phone:

Schools A – P– 01225 394380

Schools Q – Z – 01225 394370

Or e-mail

These numbers are also on the reverse of Council Issued bus tickets and on any letter sent out regarding arrangements.

The answers to frequently asked questions can be found on-line at:

Guide Escorts

Our escorts provide a vital service helping children with special needs and disabilities, on their journey to and from school.   As journeys often cannot proceed without an escort on board, we have a group of casual escorts that step in when others are off work, ill etc. We currently have a shortage of casual staff available; if you or someone you know are interested in this type of role, please call one of the numbers above for more details and an application form. 


Have you found us on Facebook yet?

We have a dedicated page set up called “Bath & North East Somerset Council Transport ; this is an efficient way of keeping you informed of any last minute changes or issues, i.e. School closures, road closures, etc.  It’s also a portal where you can feed back information to us, so don’t forget to “like” the page so that you are kept up to date with information.


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