All Contractors used by Bath and North East Somerset Council must first qualify to be on our framework of preferred suppliers. 

If you are a contractor and wish to be considered, you must first register at  When Bath and North East Somerset are looking for new contractors, the opportunity will be published on this portal.  If you are successful on qualifying for the framework, you will then be notified of all routes that are being tendered.  For further information on the expectations and terms and conditions please see the Instructions to Tenderers and Provider’s Handbook.


All drivers on B&NES Council contracts are not only representing themselves, but their company and Bath and North East Somerset Council.  We have high expectations of all of our drivers and any allegation against them will be taken very seriously and investigated.  As a guide for drivers, a handbook has been published with straightforward do’s and don’ts and some helpful information on who to contact in emergencies and hidden disabilities.  All companies awarded transport contracts by the Council are responsible for ensuring that the drivers they utilise on their transport have read and understood this document.


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