Service Level Agreements 2017-18

 The SLAs have been set at five levels. 

The new SLA options are based on the number of school visits and the duration of these visits. Subject to the time available during a visit, schools can request support in any of the services included in the attached School Finance Officers ‘In-School’ Finance Support Services schedule. Schools can adapt the SLAs to better suit their requirements by combining any of the above SLA levels with additional hours at an hourly rate of £53 per hour. For example, SLA Three plus 6 additional hours would give you 6 visits of up to 4 hours per visit at a cost of £3451 plus £318 =£3769.

Travelling time will no longer be recorded as part of school visit duration.

The helpline service will continue to be available from 9.00 – 16.30 from Tuesday to Thursday.  Monday and Friday where resources allow. Where all of the SFS team have duties away from the Civic Centre office, messages can be left on the SFS answerphone or email the finance officers direct. All messages and emails will be answered as soon as possible.

It is possible for schools to change their SFS SLA level should their circumstances change during the three year period. Schools will be required to give a minimum of one full term’s notice for changes to SLAs. It will continue to be possible for schools to purchase additional School Finance Officer time during the financial year. Additional time is chargeable by the hour at £53 per hour. However, at busy times we cannot guarantee that your School Finance Officer will carry out these additional hours. It is recommended that schools purchase an appropriate level of service at the outset so that School Finance Officers and schools can plan visits in good time.

Schools may wish to consider purchasing SLA Level 5 which allows for a Finance Officer to visit every month except August. Regular SFO visits allow some of the more complex finance tasks and financial analysis to be undertaken by your SFO with the advantage of freeing up secretarial time and giving additional budget support to head teachers and governors.

Details of SLAs 

Level One

  • Allows for 3 visits of up to 3 hours duration (excluding travelling time)
  • Cost for 2017/18 is estimated at £ 2,944 per annum

Level Two

  • Allows for 3 visits of up to 6 hours duration (excluding travelling time)
  • Cost for 2017/18 is estimated at £ 3,313 per annum

Level Three

  • Allows for 6 visits of up to 3 hours duration (excluding travelling time)
  • Cost for 2017/18 is estimated at £ 3,451 per annum

Level Four

  • Allows for 6 visits of up to 6 hours duration (excluding travelling time)
  • Cost for 2017/18 is estimated at £ 4,271 per annum

Level Five

  • Allows for 11 visits of up to 6 hours duration (excluding travelling time)
  • Cost for 2017/18 is estimated at £ 5,871 per annum


Details of Financial Services Available

Fund Allocations

·        Reconcile Agresso Fund Allocations to FMS and adjust FMS Funding if required

·       Adjust FMS budgets in line with Fund Allocation adjustments

·        Ensure that FMS Fund Allocations are in line with budgets for all funds

Budget Planning

·        Examine staffing data in SIMS

·        Cost staffing changes

·        Assess implications of school

·        Analyse non staffing costs

·        Produce budget for year

Set up New Financial Year

·        Assist with new year procedures

·        Amend user defined reports

·        Amend codes as required

Enter & Fix Budget

·        Enter budget on SIMS

·        Fix budget

Salary Reconciliation Files

·        Pick up Monthly Reconciliation files and run into FMS

·        Clear Suspense

Monitoring Staffing Budgets

·        Check & update Personnel module

·        Examine Salary Projection salary commitments to actuals

·        Advise on Staff Budget variances

Annual Closure of Accounts

·        Work through End of Year checklist - approx 60 tasks

·        Reconcile FMS staffing expenditure (B&NES Payroll only) to Agresso

·        Check SIMS backup has been actioned

·        Carry out End of Year system checks

·        Close Year

·        Notify School of Carry Forward and discuss Committed/Uncommitted Revenue Balances

·        Adjust balance in new year as required

Salary Upgrades

·        Upgrade salary pay scales, National Insurance & Superannuation

Chequebook Management

·        Check direct bank line transfers have been entered in FMS

·        Check B&NES Monthly Cash Advance income and expenditure have been entered in FMS

·        Reconcile Bank Statements

·        Produce reports for LA

Ofsted Reports

·       Assist with the completion of the OFSTED Financial returns

Financial Health Check

·        Examine Schools SIMS System

·        Advise on Financial procedures

Consistent Financial Reporting

·        Liaise with DFE and Capita as CFR framework is developed and expanded

·        Update FMS coding structures and mapping to CFR report as developments occur

·        Reconcile FMS data in CFR reports and allocate Revenue balances to Committed/Uncommitted

·        Send Final CFR report electronically to the LA

·        Assist with the correction of invalid CFR reports returned by the LA or DFE

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