Inclusion Quality Mark logoWhat is the IQM?

·         Intended to assist schools in a self-review of their inclusive practice.

·         Identifies successful inclusive practice in schools.

·         Highlights areas requiring development in inclusive practice.

·         Is applicable to all phases of education.


Why the IQM?

Provides an infrastructure that can be adapted to our needs.

·         Builds on documents such as:

-    Index for Inclusion (CSIE 2000 revised 2002)

-    Inclusive Schooling (DfES 2001)

·         In line with Ofsted expectations and the 5 outcomes of Every Child Matters.

·         Contributes to the School Evaluation Form (SEF).

·         Consistent with government legislation on inclusive education.


Where did it begin?

·         Developed by Caroline Coles who was a head teacher at a Staffordshire Special School and Robert Hancock.

·         Adopted by a number of LAs to develop whole authority schemes which is the case with Bath and North East Somerset.


What does it consist of?

There are 10 elements

1.     Pupil progress.

2.     Pupil attitudes, values and personal development.

3.     Leadership and management.

4.     Staffing systems and organisation.

5.     The learning environment.

6.     Teaching and learning.

7.     Resources and ICT.

8.     Parents and carers.

9.     Governors, external partners and local authority.

10.  The community


Role of Mentor

·         All schools have a mentor:

·         To validate original school-based audit.

·         To support the school to form an action plan and identify areas requiring development.

·         To support the school in developing a portfolio of evidence.

·         To provide support at workshops



In order to determine that schools meet the criteria:

·         Evidence in the form of a portfolio will be reviewed and moderated by the LA Moderation Panel

·         Two moderators will visit the school.

·         Moderators will meet staff, pupils, parents and governors.

·         Lessons will be observed.

·         A report will be written.

·         LA Moderation Panel will finally decide whether the school is to be awarded the Bath & North East Somerset Inclusion Quality Mark.

·         Schools achieving the Bath & North East Somerset Inclusion Quality Mark will receive a plaque and will be able to use the logo.


Schools that have achieved the Bath and North East Somerset Inclusion Quality Mark:


·         Oldfield

·         Ralph Allen

·         St. Gregory’s Catholic College

·         Bathampton Primary

·         Batheaston C of E Primary

·         Combe Down C of E Primary

·         Freshford C of E Primary

·         Moorlands Infant

·         Oldfield Park Junior

·         St Andrew's C of E Primary

·         St. John’s Catholic Primary

·         St. Mary’s Catholic Primary

·         St. Martin’s Garden Primary

·         St Michael's C of E Junior

·         St Saviour's C of E Nursery and Infant School

·         St Saviour's C of E Junior School

·         Three Ways Special School

·         Widcombe C of E Junior

Norton Radstock

·         Writhlington Business & Enterprise

·         Peasedown St John Primary

·         St John's C of E Primary (Midsomer Norton)

·         St. Julian’s C of E Primary

·         St. Mary’s C of E Primary, Timsbury

·         Welton Primary

·         Camerton Primary 

·         Westfield Primary

·         Trinity C of E Primary

·         High Littleton C of E Primary

Chew Valley & Keynsham

·         Broadlands

·         Wellsway

·         Castle Primary

·         Chandag Junior

·         Farrington Gurney C of E Primary

·         Marksbury C of E Primary

·         Pensford Primary

·         Temple Primary (St. Keyna Primary)

Schools working towards the Inclusion Quality Mark:

·         Chandag Infant

·         Farmborough C of E Primary

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