Welcome to the Bath and North East Somerset Council Governor Service Webpages.  Governance of Schools is becoming an increasingly demanding and time consuming role.  Schools will now appoint governors with the necessary and relevant skills to fit their eligibility criteria to take on this crucial position to help secure their success in an ever changing world.

Governor Services is the central point of contact to offer support, advice, guidance and all queries relating to any aspect of school governance. 

Our governors use The HUB, the Local Authority resource platform.  Governing bodies who subscribe to our services, will find this site is updated with all new and relevant information and statutory guidance.  Also included in our subscription is a comprehensive package which includes our termly newsletter, access to Modern Governor (an E-Learning resource), document summary service and membership of national and regional bodies.  Non-subscribing schools are able to view statutory guidance on governance.  Click on the following link to take you to The HUB:


For new governors we offer a series of induction seminars which provides an introduction to the main roles of the governing body.  We also offer a training programme which follows new DfE initiatives and essential training for all governors.  (From health & safety, schools finance, curriculum (KS1 &2, KS3), performance management and school self-evaluation).  Our training is advertised via The HUB and a training brochure, which is frequently updated and sent to Clerk to Governors for distribution.

If you are interested in becoming a School Governor, please contact Odette Doyle on 01225 394487 or email governor_services@bathnes.gov.uk

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