What do we know about the prevalence of bullying in B&NES?

In June 2013 we surveyed children and young people in Years 4, 6, 8 and 10.  A total of 1217 primary pupils from 21 schools and 2617 secondary pupils from 11 secondary schools took part in the School Health Education Unit Survey which asked questions about health-related behaviour including bullying. Some 26% of primary pupils and 19% of secondary pupil surveyed said they’d been bullied at or near school in the last 12 months.  A total of 76% of primary pupils and 59% of secondary pupils said they thought their school takes bullying seriously.

Has B&NES got an Anti-Bullying Strategy Group?

Yes. Our Anti-Bullying Strategy Group meets every two months and is composed of local authority staff, teachers, young people and a range of local agencies. Our aim is to reduce bullying and promote inclusion and positive relationships

Does B&NES have Anti-Bullying Guidance?

We have produced an anti-bullying charter for schools and other settings which they can adopt, adapt, add  their own pictures and get key staff, pupils, parents and governors to sign up to.

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