School Transfer to a Secondary School

Please use Admissions Online to register and apply


Is your child due to transfer to a secondary school in September 2017?


From 12 September 2016 up to 31 October 2016 you can apply for a Secondary place online.

Click here to Access our **Admissions Online** website - Please remember that you need to live in Bath and North East Somerset to use this online facility unless you are living abroad. Visas may be requested in appropriate cases where the child is a Non-EAA resident.


Most children who are already in school have a Unique Identification Number (UID).  Providing you live in Bath & North East Somerset and your child currently attends a maintained Junior or Primary school in Bath & North East Somerset, you will receive a letter in September 2016.  The letter contains your child's UID and information about the transfer process from their current school.  The UID number can then be used to make an application online as this makes the application process easier for you. Please be aware that for address purposes, where we have no recent updates to a child's record, we reserve the right to check other systems including Council Tax records to confirm the current address.  

Please note that after the 31 October 2016 you will no longer be able to make an online transfer application for a Secondary school place in September 2017 as the on line facility will have closed.

In the event that the outcome of the discussions with DfE mean that the school is staying open/still accepting admissions for September 2017, any parents whose original school application form didn’t include BCA as a preference but who then wish to apply for a place at BCA after the 31st October deadline has passed, will be able to submit a ‘late application’ (on paper as the on-line admissions will have closed) to request a place at BCA. These will be treated as an on time application as long as the application is for BCA as a 1st preference school only and received by the 31st December 2016. Any late applications received after the 31st December 2016 will be treated as a late application and will not be considered until the 2nd round of allocations at the beginning of May 2017.

 Applications must be made to the Local Authority in which you live even if you are wanting to be considered for a place at a school situated within a different Local Authority area.


The information booklet for parents can also be viewed from the links on this page.  If you prefer, if you are a resident of Bath & North East Somerset, you can make your application by completing the Secondary application form which you can return by post or fax.  This form can be downloaded and printed from the links on this page.  This will be available from 12 September 2016.  You can also phone 01225 394312 and ask for a copy to be sent out to you. 

The booklet contains essential information on how to make an application along with a number of useful contact points should you need further information. In deciding which schools you wish to give as your preferences, please read the admissions criteria for each school. This will tell you which category your application would be considered under if the school were to be oversubscribed. 

One section of the booklet explains how places at all the schools within the Authority have been allocated over the past 3 years. This may help you to decide what chance you have of gaining a place should you apply. 

Please remember that if you are making a paper application you must return your completed application form by 31 October 2016 for your child to be considered for a Secondary school place.



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