2013/2014 School Admissions Booklets


Linked to this page are various booklets which will help you with the process of making an application for a school place.

The booklets contain essential information on how to make an application along with a number of useful contact points should you need further information. The school booklets explain how schools are organised within the Authority and include a map which shows where the schools are. The names of headteachers and the addresses of the schools are also included.

There is a section which explains how the appeals process works if your application is unsuccessful and another section which explains about school transport and how to decide if you qualify.

The booklets are full of information which should help you make your decisions and guide you through the applications process.

2013/14 Admission Booklets relevant to admission during this academic year

Please see the attached 2013/14 primary booklet 'A Primary School for Your Child in Bath & North East Somerset' (pdf version) 

Please see the attached 2013/14 secondary booklet 'A Secondary School for Your Child in Bath & North East Somerset'. (pdf version)   

The booklets are in PDF format.  If, for any reason, you are unable to access them please contact Admissions & Transport on 01225 394312, email: admissions_transport@bathnes.gov.uk or write to Admissions & Transport, Children's Services, PO Box 25, Riverside, Temple Street, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1DN and we will arrange for the appropriate booklet to be sent to you by post.


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