1. Call for Sites: Local Plan 2016-2036
  2. HELAA (2015/2016) Findings Report
  3. HELAA Appendix 1: Site Assessments and Plans
  4. HELAA Appendix 2: Housing Trajectory 2011 - 2029 (Updated November 2016) 

Last updated:  6th July 2016

1. Call for Sites: Local Plan 2016-2036

Bath & North East Somerset Council has started to prepare a new Local Plan (previously known as the Core Strategy Review) that will cover the period 2016-2036. The Core Strategy Review Commencement Document was consulted on in November and December 2016. The primary purpose of the Local Plan 2016-2036 (LP) is to identify and allocate sites to meet the housing and economic development requirements established by the West of England Joint Spatial Plan. A Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) is required in order to identify and assess land that could be considered for allocation in the LP.

The purpose of the HELAA is to provide evidence to inform the LP. National planning guidance describes the purpose of the HELAA as follows;  

The assessment is an important evidence source to inform plan making but does not in itself determine whether a site should be allocated for development. This is because not all sites considered in the assessment will be suitable for development (e.g. because of policy constraints or if they are unviable). It is the role of the assessment to provide information on the range of sites which are available to meet need, but it is for the development plan itself to determine which of those sites are the most suitable to meet those needs.

The council undertook a call for sites (CFS) between January and March 2017 requesting land to be identified and submitted to the council for assessment through the HELAA process.  Anyone could submit land for consideration, but part of the assessment relates to the availability of the land and therefore land normally needs to be owned by someone who is willing to develop it or to sell the land to a third party who is willing to do so. Apart from availability, the assessment will consider both the suitability and the achievability of land. The Department for Communities and Local Government’s Planning Practice Guidance provides further information about HELAA.

The information that was submitted will be considered for a HELAA Report expected to be published in the Autumn/Winter of 2017.

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2. The Findings Report

The May 2015 Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) Findings Report updates the previous Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) Findings Report.  It presents a strategic overview/summary of the housing land supply position in Bath and North East Somerset for the period 2011/12 to 2028/29.

The Housing Land Supply Findings Report provides an overview of the assessment of sites and the delivery trajectory.  It should be read alongside Appendix 1 (Site Assessments and Plans), the Appendix 2 (Housing Trajectory) and the recently produced Housing Land Supply Maps below:

Please note that only the Findings Report, Appendix 2 (housing trajectory) and maps above have been updated since the Core Strategy was adopted.

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3. HELAA Appendix 1: Site Assessments and Plans

The various sections of Appendix 1 were produced to support the SHLAA Findings Report and continue to support the renamed HELAA Findings Report. 

Appendix 1a: Bath

Appendix 1b: Bath Green Belt

Appendix 1c: Keynsham and surrounding Green Belt

Appendix 1d: Somer Valley

Appendix 1e Rural Villages in Bath & North East Somerset

Appendix 1f South East Bristol

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4. HELAA Appendix 2: Housing Trajectory 2011 - 2029 (Updated in November 2016)

A housing trajectory for each main settlement /area and for the district as a whole, showing past performance, estimating yearly delivery for individual sites and the cumulative effect of this on overall anticipated delivery rates.  The Housing Land Supply Trajectory 2011-2029 can be downloaded via this link.

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