bath and North East Somerset Local Development Framework Evidence Base

This page gives access to the transport studies that form part of the LDF / RDP Evidence Base. Information on the status of the documents below, as well as on the other topic areas, can be accessed from there. 

Please read the important information regarding the LDF/RDP evidence base studies before accessing and reading the document below.  

The transport studies available are:

  1. Analysis and synthesis of evidence on the effects of investment in six Cycling Demonstration Towns (November 2009), published by the Department for Transport.  Source page: Department for Transport (External site).
  2. Bath Transportation Package (2006)
  3. Core Strategy Transport Evaluation Report, Ove Arup & Partners lLtd, Februrary 2013
  4. Great Western Mainline Route Utilisation Strategy (March 2010)Source page (External site)
  5. Greater Bristol Strategic Transport Study (2006)
  6. Greater Bristol Cycling City, End of Project Report (June 2011), published by Bristol
  7. City Council & South Gloucestershire Council (Please note that this is 5.8 MB). Source page: Better By Bike (External site).
  8. Joint Local Transport Plan 2, March 2006 – External site
  9. Joint Local Transport Plan 3, March 2011 (Please note that this is 14.6 MB)External site
  10. Soft measures – hard facts: The value for money of transport measures which change travel behaviour: A review of the evidence (January 2011), published by Department of Health South West, Highways Agency and South West RDA.  Source page: ERPHO (External site)
  11. Route Plan K: West of England (2011)External site (Network Rail)
  12. Transport Modelling Technical Note (January 2011)
  13. Two Tunnels Project (December 2007)
  14. Walking Strategy (2000)
  15. West of England Key Commuter Routes - Local Sustainable Transport Fund Application, Key Component Bid (April 2011), published by the West Of England Partnership.  Source page: Travel Plus (External site)
  16. West of England Sustainable Travel - Local Sustainable Transport Fund Initial Large Project Proposals (June 2011), published by the West Of England Partnership (Please note that this is 8.6 MB).  Source page: Travel Plus (External site).

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