Who can complain?

Any one who owns or leases domestic land (a house or garden) that is affected by a high hedge on the adjacent property may complain. The owner of the hedge may be an individual, company or a public body including this council.

How do I know if the hedge is covered by the legislation?

Not all hedges are covered by this legislation. It must be a line of two or more evergreen or semi-evergreen trees or shrubs more than 2.0m high. It must also effect in someway the complainant’s reasonable enjoyment of their domestic property. This is usually by blocking out light, access or a view.

The commonest nuisance hedge plants are quick growing conifers such as Leylandii or Lawson’s cypress, but it could be any other evergreen tree or shrub. Deciduous trees and shrubs are not covered and nor is any problem from root action.

How much will it cost me to apply to the council?

The current fee is £400.

The forms can be downloaded from the Documents section on the High Hedges web page.


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