Keynsham High Street

The trial arrangement on Keynsham High Street opened on 2 May. The trial is being monitored over a 12 month period, following which a decision will be made on whether to implement the new layout on a permanent basis. 
Details of changes to bus services and routes through Keynsham are available in our leaflet. We have also produced a handy guide for visitors showing the location of town centre parking in easy reach of the shopping areas. (Additional information is also available on our Parking Services page).

Trialling a new road layout in Keynsham High Street

Keynsham High Street suffers from high levels of traffic, which combined with sections of narrow and overcrowded pavements spoil the experience for shoppers and visitors. People taking part in consultations for the Keynsham Town Plan, Keynsham Transport Strategy and B&NES Placemaking Plan wished to see improvements to the public realm in the town centre, to make it a more attractive place to shop.

The High Street is an Air Quality Management Area due to levels of air pollution being above recommended levels. In addition, the Conservation Area is classified by Historic England as being “at risk” due to the condition and design of a number of buildings particularly around the High Street.

Bath & North East Somerset Council are undertaking an experimental trial to find out if making the High Street one way reduces the impact of traffic, improves air quality and would allow future improvements to the pedestrian environment. If successful, more substantial changes identified through public consultation would follow the trial.

The key features

Under the trial, changes to the existing road layout will be kept to a minimum to allow the High Street to be put back if a decision regarding the long-term future is not made at the end of the trial period. The one-way system will work southbound on the High Street (ie towards Bath Hill). A new bus stop will be added southbound while a cycle contraflow will be created northbound. At the Bath Hill end of the High Street, all traffic except buses will need to turn left. The current roundabout at the top of Bath Hill will be removed, allowing vehicles to pass between Bath Hill and Rock Road/Temple Street unopposed, with vehicles exiting the High Street having to give way.

As current bus services run northbound along the High Street, services will need to be re-routed with the current bus stop outside of the post office moving to a new location on Ashton Way. A lay-by will be created by Ashton Way car park to enable buses to pull in when stopping.

overview of one-way trial

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Measuring the success of the trial

The one-way system will start in May 2017 for a 12 month period to allow drivers to become accustomed to the change. During this time, detailed monitoring will allow before and after comparisons to be made of the potential benefits and issues associated with highway network performance, air quality, parking and pedestrian footfall.

The Council will also seek feedback during the trial from stakeholders, residents and visitors to Keynsham on their experiences with the new system.

The long-term vision

The overarching aim is to deliver a High Street for Keynsham that is lively, safe, sustainable and healthy, and which enhances the Conservation Area. The data collected from the monitoring process during the trial will be combined with feedback from residents, Town and Ward Councillors and the ongoing work of the Neighbourhood Development Plan groups to develop the design for a permanent scheme. During the trial, we will provide more information on this page about how people can take part in this process.

For more information, please see the FAQ leaflet in the documents section.

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