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The Council would like to thank residents, shoppers, workers and businesses for giving their views on the experimental one-way trial on Keynsham High Street. A total of 1,559 responses were received to the public survey questionnaire, one of the highest responses received in any recent Council consultation.

Out of this, 53% of respondents stated they thought the one-way trial should be continued in its current form or with specified improvements, while 8% were unsure or had no opinion, 39% of respondents thought the one-way trial should not continue. In addition over 100 businesses (80% of businesses in the town centre) returned a business survey about the trial. Workshops were held with the Accessibility and Active Travel Forum and the Keynsham Neighbourhood Plan group.

While the trial has been taking place the Council has also been monitoring traffic flows, air quality, parking and footfall. Monitoring data published as part of the consultation on the trial showed a clear improvement in air quality, with reductions of 22-47% during the period of the trial, the highest reduction can be seen on the High Street itself.

The full suite of consultation results can be found in the Documents section on the right hand side of this page.

B&NES Cabinet Members are due to make a decision in Summer 2018 about the future of the High Street, and whether further investment will be sought for Keynsham Town Centre.

The key features of the one way trial

The one-way trial on Keynsham High Street commenced on 2 May 2017. The purpose of the trial is to evaluate whether improvements to the town centre environment would be beneficial for the economy and health of the town centre by making it a safer and more enjoyable place to spend time. Under the trial, changes to the existing road layout were kept to a minimum to allow the High Street to be put back if a decision regarding the long-term future is not made at the end of the trial period.

The trial includes the following features:

  • A southbound one-way system towards Bath Hill
  • New bus stops: A new southbound bus stop on the High Street and a new bus stop on Ashton Way
  • A northbound cycle contraflow
  • At the Bath Hill end of the High Street, all traffic except buses will need to turn left.
  • The former roundabout at the top of Bath Hill was removed, allowing vehicles to pass between Bath Hill and Rock Road/Temple Street unopposed, with vehicles exiting the High Street having to give way.

overview of one-way trial

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The FAQ leaflet in the documents section summarise the trial (issued May 2017). Details of changes to bus services and routes through Keynsham are available in our leaflet.

We have also produced a handy guide for visitors showing the location of town centre parking in easy reach of the shopping areas. (Additional information is also available on our Parking Services page). 

Any further comments on the Traffic Regulation Order itself can be emailed to


The long-term vision

In recent years Keynsham High Street suffered from high levels of traffic, which combined with sections of narrow and overcrowded pavements was spoiling the experience for shoppers and visitors. People taking part in consultations for the Keynsham Town Plan, Keynsham Transport Strategy and B&NES Placemaking Plan wished to see improvements to the public realm in the town centre, to make it a more attractive place to shop.

Keynsham High Street was identified as an Air Quality Management Area due to levels of air pollution being above recommended levels. In addition, the Conservation Area has been classified by Historic England as being “at risk” due to the condition and design of a number of buildings particularly around the High Street.

The overarching aim is to deliver a High Street and wider town centre for Keynsham that is lively, safe, sustainable and healthy, and which enhances the Conservation Area. The data collected from the current monitoring process during the trial will be combined with feedback from residents, businesses, stakeholders and Town and Ward Councillors and the ongoing work of the Keynsham Neighbourhood Development Plan groups to develop the design for a potentially permanent scheme in the future.

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