Bath Quays

- Up to 2,000 new jobs

- Space for local and new businesses

- Waterside park with terraces, cafes and shops

- Up to 170 new homes by the river

- New bridge for pedestrians and cyclists

Bath Quays comprises the old Newark works site and surrounding areas south of the river and the current location of Avon St car park and coach park North of the river.  The two riverside sites will be linked by the new Bath Quays Bridge and represent the largest development opportunity within the city since the Southgate shopping centre and the largest office scheme ever within Bath.

The first step in the programme is to complete the riverside floodworks known as Bath Quays Waterside.  Work has already begun on a on a new road layout around the Riverside Coach Park, Avon Street Car Park and Ambury.   Bath Quays Waterside flood project will transform the area around Avon Street and create a waterfront destination with promenades, cycle and walking routes, places for wildlife and outdoor public spaces.

On the North side of the river, shops and restaurants facing the Avon will make the most of the location and create a busy and appealing streetscene.  Bath Quays North will also provide up to 100 new homes and new office space.

Corn Street will become a sought afer business address in Bath and the council is keen to hear from businesses who may be interested. Please get in touch to find out more about what will be on offer via

A key part of Bath’s Enterprise Area, Bath Quays South will offer exciting spaces for the digital, technology and creative companies who can deliver the right type of jobs for Bath’s economic future.  Development of the site will be enabled by a partnership between the Council, local company BMT and workspace provider TCN.  The partnership will reveal more detailed plans for Bath Quays South later in the year.Connecting both sites with a new pedestrian and cycling bridge will mean that Bath Quays will become a central business area which will provide a solution to Bath's long-term shortage of high quality office spaces.

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