The searches are completed by fully trained and experienced staff and are certified by the Council.   All Local Authority searches are covered by insurance as standard.  This will cover owners against any financial loss as a direct result of inaccurate or omitted information.

The Search forms

Forms LLC1, CON29R and CON29O (available from legal stationers, or available online from Oyez Legal Forms - for web site click on external link) must be submitted in duplicate if a search request is submitted by post or DX. 

The Search of the Register (Form LLC1)

Replies to the LLC1 form of the Local Search will reveal the existence of any 'charges' (e.g. any planning, environmental, financial or highway restrictions) made against the property or previous owners by local authorities or central government. This is a statutory procedure. The charges are held in the Local Land Register, which we maintain.

Enquiries of Local Authority (Form CON29R)

Responses to the CON29R form will provide relevant building regulations, local plan, environmental health, planning and highways information affecting the property.

The form contains a list of questions prepared by the Law Society. The replies provide information which is useful when buying a property, for example:

  • whether or not the highways adjoining the property are publicly maintained
  • major road schemes close to the property, and minor schemes abutting or affecting the property
  • drainage to the property
  • a list of planning decisions affecting the property
  • contaminated land
  • a list of building regulations affecting the property

Optional enquiries (Form CON29O)

The CON29O search form is for requesting optional enquiries; for example the location of pipelines and public footpaths. Optional enquiries do not need to be made at the time you submit your standard search enquiry; they can be submitted on their own.  For details of the fees for each optional enquiry please see the Fees and Charges page.

Additional Enquiries

Additional enquiries written by the applicant should be typed on a separate sheet and enclosed with the search. There is a fee of £20.00 for each of these enquiries.

Cancelling Searches

We do not cancel searches once they have been entered into our computerised system.  Due to the quick turnaround of local searches we will have undertaken work on them by this stage.

Expediting Searches

If you advise us that your search is particularly urgent we will endeavour to return it as soon as possible at no addtional fee.

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