Land Charges – financial statement as required by regulation 9 of The Local Authorities (Charges for Property Searches) Regulations 2008


Estimates for financial year 2011/12

Estimated total cost to authority – £276,000

Estimated search numbers:

  • Answering queries about a property - 2600
  • Access to property records – 250

Estimates are based on figures for 2010/11.

Summary of costs and income for financial year 2010/11

a)     the total costs to the authority in granting access to property records or performing internal transactions – £4986

b)     the number of requests to which these costs relate - 684

c)      the total income (or notional income) to the authority from charges and recharges made under regulation 5 (charges for access to property records) – £4986

d)     the total income to the authority from charges made under regulation 8 (answering enquiries about a property) – £254,695

The above statement has been approved by Tim Richens, Divisional Director Finance for Bath & North East Somerset Council in accordance with regulation 9(4) of the above regulations.

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