Character summary

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A short summary of the character of the Conservation Area is given below, together with a list of the character areas as defined in the appraisals.

  • ridgeline settlement with surrounding rural land falling away into the Cam and Somer valleys

  • historic settlement with high archaeological potential mediaeval field system

  • tight street pattern in historic core created by buildings or stone walls at, or close to back of footpaths

  • listed buildings and other historic buildings built principally of local white lias stone with oolitic limestone dressings and slate or clay

  • tile roofs

  • coal mining and industrial heritage

  • Somersetshire Coal Canal

  • locally made cast iron artefacts

  • terraced housing steps with contours

  • area comprises varied buildings of a modest, domestic scale

  • print works dominate principal views of settlement from north

  • large group of mature trees in grounds of Holy Trinity Church and old vicarage are a skyline feature

Character areas

  • Area 1 - Park Road and High Street (middle section)
  • Area 2 - The Pithay, The Triangle and High Street (north section)
  • Area 3 - Church Street and Farrington Road
  • Area 4 - Winterfield Road and High Street (south section)
  • Area 5 - Plummers Hill and Bath Road
  • Area 6 - Tennis Court Road
  • Area 7 - Paulton Engine and Hanham Lane 

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