Character summary

The full document can be downloaded as a PDF from the Documents section below right.

A short summary of the character of the Conservation Area is given below, together with a list of the character areas as defined in the appraisals.

  • setting of settlement in relation to hillsides and valley

  • dominance of water

  • significance of Winford Brook and River Chew as power sources of former mills

  • listed buildings and other historic buildings built principally of local red sandstone

  • historic curtilage of many buildings include gardens and former orchards

  • mature trees

  • sunken lanes

  • high raised pavements in South Parade, High Street (with natural stone pavements bordered by setts) and Tunbridge Road

  • cast iron railings to high raised pavements

  • historic settlement with high archaeological potential 

Character areas

  • Area 1 - St Andrew’s Church and Chew Court
  • Area 2 - South Parade, Harford Square and Tunbridge Road
  • Area 3 - High Street
  • Area 4 - Manor House, Dark Lane, Battle Lane and Highfield House
  • Area 5 - Winford Brook and The Rookery
  • Area 6 - Winford Brook from Sprat’s Bridge to Butham Lane bridge
  • Area 7 - Norton Lane and North Elm Farm
  • Area 8 - Winford Brook and River Chew from Bridge Farm to Tunbridge Farm
  • Area 9 - Dumper’s Lane and River Chew from Tun Bridge to Crickback Bridge

In addition, a guidance leaflet on the maintenance and repair of stone walls in the Chew Magna Conservation Area is available.

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