Bath & North East Somerset Council is undertaking a review of the 35 Conservation Areas in the District in line with the latest guidance from Historic England. Eventually, we will have a 'Conservation Area Appraisal' for each of our designated areas.

The Appraisals will define the Conservation Area boundaries and analyse the special architectural and historic interest of the area. They will identify specific features which contribute towards an area's character, such as:

  • historic buildings and buildings which are locally significant
  • important green and open spaces
  • significant views
  • natural elements such as trees and waterways
  • features which help make an area locally distinct 

The appraisals may include intangible qualities such as activities, sights and smells which are characteristic of a place. The documents also identify elements that detract from the character of an area and would benefit from enhancement.

Visitors and residents of these special areas  may find these publications help to enhance their appreciation and provide information about interesting local features. 

A number of Conservation Area Appraisals have already been produced and adopted by the Council.  These can be found in the Conservation Areas section of the website on the left hand side.

For more information on the appraisals process, please contact the Planning & Conservation Team on 01225 394041 or email


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