The Building Regulations do not apply to the following types of building:

Small detached buildings

  • Single storey buildings under 30m² floor area, containing no sleeping accommodation, constructed substantially of non- combustible material, or sited at least one metre from the boundary or curtilage (e.g. detached garage).
  • Nuclear shelters under 30m² floor area: where the excavation for the shelter is not nearer to any other buildings than the depth of the excavation plus one metre.
  • A detached building, having a floor area not more than 15m², with no sleeping accommodation.

Extensions to buildings

At ground level with a floor area not more than 30m² which is

  • a conservatory or porch*
  • a covered yard or covered way
  • a car port open on at least two sides.

(*Conservatories or porches are exempt only if the glazing they contain complies with Part K of the Building Regulations.)

Greenhouses and agricultural buildings

  • Greenhouses are only exempt providing they are not used for retailing, packing or exhibiting.
  • Agricultural buildings and buildings principally for keeping animals are exempt if they are not used as a dwelling, are at least one and a half times their height from any building where there is sleeping accommodation and have a fire exit not more than 30m from any point in a building.


There are other exemptions for buildings controlled under other legislation, ancillary buildings, buildings not frequented by people or temporary buildings (less than 28 days).


If you are unsure whether a building you are proposing is exempt from the building regulations please contact the Building Control section for assistance.

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