Reporting a problem

To report any problems with bus shelters or stops such as broken glass, damaged poles, incorrect timetable information or if structural safety is in question please contact us via the details given at the side of this page.
Bus shelter at Ubley 

Bus Shelters

There are currently 300 bus shelters within Bath & North East Somerset Council. Bus shelter ownership is mainly split between 3 organisations:
  • Bath & North East Somerset Council
  • Adshel
  • Parish Councils
Bath & North East Somerset Council-owned shelters are part of a monthly cleaning programme. This programme also includes maintenance work such as damaged glass replacement and small structural repairs.
20% of bus shelters, including most of the Bath city centre shelters, are owned and maintained by a company called Adshel. Adshel provide this service under contractual agreement with the council whereby a certain percentage of Adshel-owned shelters can be used for advertising purposes.
Parish-owned bus shelters are subject to their own cleaning and maintenance schedule.
Bus stop pole 

Bus Stops

There are currently 1,300 bus stops within the Bath & North East Somerset area.
Bus stops are mainly owned by Bath & North East Somerset Council. Council-owned timetable cases at bus stops are subject to a quarterly cleaning schedule.

Raised Kerbs

There are currently around 275 raised kerbs at bus stops within Bath & North East Somerset. This is part of the councils commitment to improving accessibility for passengers boarding and alighting buses.

Traveline 0870 2002233Traveline provides timetables and journey planners for bus, coach and rail services in the South West. Traveline is also available on tel. 0871 200 22 33 between 7 am and 10 pm (calls cost 10p per minute from landlines).

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