This permit will allow your Guests/Patrons/Customers to park in on-street permit holder only or dual-use bays in the zone for which the permit is valid.

Who Can Apply?

The proprietor of any Holiday Let located within a residents parking zone may apply for a permit. The Council will require applicants to provide evidence to verify the particulars supplied on the application form.

The proprietor must pay Business Rates on the property and the property must be available for let for over 140 days of the year.

This type of permit is intended for the sole use of guests/patrons/customers and not members of staff or property owners.

An individual property is entitled to one Holiday Let permit. Holiday Let proprietors with multiple properties may apply for one permit for each individual property.

How to Apply

Click here to download an application form.

Cost (Annual)

£100 per permit

Terms and Conditions

Please see terms and conditions in the documents section.  

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