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Balancing your needs - A parking strategy for B&NES

Travel affects everyone and dealing with transport issues is an important part of the Council’s priorities.

We recognise that no single transport initiative on its own has the power to transform travel choices, cut congestion, improve air quality or ease parking issues.

We’ve been developing a draft Parking Strategy to set out a long term plan for managing parking across Bath & North East Somerset. This is part of a package of transport improvements to help meet rising demand and reduce the impact of traffic on local people and the historic fabric of Bath as a World Heritage site.

The draft strategy is based on previous public consultation, and the views already expressed about parking from residents, local business, Parish Council’s, interest groups and the general public. The strategy aims to balance the needs of local people and business, and a range of social, economic and environmental issues like congestion and air quality.

We have undertaken a further public engagement exercise on the draft content and proposals and carefully considered the feedback and views we received. This information has informed the final strategy ahead of its recommendation to the Council for adoption.

The draft Parking Strategy and supporting documents can be found in the 'Related documents' section of this page. The ‘Public Engagement’ report includes the updated changes following feedback.


Coach Strategy

We briefly outline plans for coach parking in our strategy, but the full Coach Strategy and public engagement for this is now available at

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