Please watch the short video below for a brief introduction to accessible parking within the Bath and North East Somerset Council area.

Applying for a Blue Badge

You can apply for a Blue Badge by using the online application.  Please note that the renewal process is the same as applying for a new blue badge. Please allow for 6-8 weeks to allow for the complete process. It’s essential that an existing badge holder re-applies for their badge well in advance of its expiry due to the length of time required to assess and complete the application process.

Applying for a Blue Badge is free of charge, but if your application is successful you will be required to pay £10 to cover the cost of the badge itself.

Some companies have begun offering to apply for a Blue Badge on a customer's behalf and are charging a large fee for this. We advise all customers to contact us directly if they have any questions about an application or require any assistance before paying for any services of this type.

To qualify for a Blue Badge you will need to meet a number of criteria, this may include coming to a health clinic for a mobility assessment. 

If you require assistance completing the form or have any other questions about a blue badge application please call 01225 477133 or visit a Council One Stop Shop.

How to Appeal an Unsuccessful Blue Badge Application

If your application is unsuccessful and you wish to appeal the decision please click here for more information on the appeals process. You can also re-apply if your mobility problems become more serious.

How to Use a Blue Badge

When using your Blue Badge please ensure that it is clearly displayed on your dashboard. Where there is a maximum stay then you will need to also display your clock, set at the time that you left your vehicle.

Your Blue Badge is for use when you are driving, being driven somewhere or being picked up. It is not for use by people visiting you or for people going out and doing jobs for you. 

Where You Can Use a Blue Badge

Free parking with no time limit:

  • On street parking in Pay and Display zones where time is restricted for non Blue Badge holders
  • Advisory disabled persons parking bays
  • Resident and business permitted parking zones
  • Charlotte Street car park - disabled persons bays located within the Charlotte Street entrance area only
  • Bath Park and Ride car parks

Free parking but time limited:

  • Single and double yellow lines where no loading ban applies (maximum stay of 3 hours)

Locations where parking charges apply:

  • All Bath city car parks, except those listed above

Please be aware that privately run car parks and parking zones will have their own policies on Blue Badge parking and may charge at the standard rate. Do not assume you can always park for free; check surrounding boards and signs for specific parking conditions before you leave your car.

What to do in the Case of a Lost or Stolen Badge

To enable a replacement badge to be authorised the loss must to be reported to the Police and a reference number obtained, this can be done online at

Once you have received the reference number please advise the Blue Badge team, please include in your correspondence a brief description of the circumstances surrounding the loss. 

Please note that there is a charge of £10 applicable to all replacement Blue Badges.

All notifications and requests for replacement badges must be put in writing and sent to:

Parking Services
Bath & North East Somerset Council
P.O. Box 5197

or emailed to:

You can also submit a Lost/Stolen Blue Badge Report online.

Returning a Blue Badge

Badges can be returned at any of our Council Offices or One Stop Shops or posted to us at the above address.

A badge must be returned to us under the following circumstances:

  • the badge has expired;
  • your medical condition or mobility improves and you are no longer eligible;
  • a replacement badge has been issued (in the case of a lost/stolen badge) and the original is found/recovered;
  • the badge has become illegible;
  • the badge is no longer required;
  • the badge holder has passed away.

 DPA Accreditation logo

The Disabled Parking Accreditation recognises off-street parking facilities which have achieved a high standard of accessibility for disabled people. The following car parks have acheived the accreditation: Newbridge Park & Ride (Bath), Fox and Hounds (Keynsham) and Ashton Way (Keynsham). We are working towards obtaining accreditation at more car parks within the county.

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