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Combat begging in Bath by donating here

You are now able to give your support, simply Text KIND20 £3 to 70070 to donate £3 to the organisations who support the homeless in Bath. This is a new facility that enables you to help us combat begging in Bath by donating here and not on the street! 

Many people who freely give beggars money don't understand why we say it is not helping to solve the problem but often simply exacerbating it.  Below are answers to questions that are frequently asked about why giving money directly to beggars does not work.

Why are we tackling this issue in Bath now?

Begging in Bath is an ongoing problem and in recent years there has been a marked increase in the severity and volume of this problem. There is a real concern begging is contributing to anti-social behaviour and if this trend continues to grow, begging will become unmanageable and damage the reputation of the city.

City centre residents, local businesses and organisations working to support people out of homelessness have identified a number of individuals that have been offered but declined assistance for alternatives to begging, instead choosing to continue with begging. In addition, there are a growing number of people begging who are not homeless and persuade people into giving them money which is then spent on misusing drugs and alcohol.

Anti-social behaviour from beggars is a drain on Police resources. In 2013, over a six month period the police attended 600 calls relating to street begging and anti-social behaviour. We need your help to reduce begging in Bath and eliminate aggressive behaviour from our streets.

''We must avoid getting a reputation for being a City that is easy to beg in or as one with a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Both have the potential to harm the city economically and socially. It is up to us to make sure that does not happen and that we support these individuals both in a compassionate manner and through the established charities that have the skills in place to support them'' - Councillor Manda Rigby

People beg for money to pay for a bed in a night hostel. Is this not a good thing to give money for?

While there is a £3 per night charge at Julian House, Manvers Street Hostel to cover meals and laundry services, charitable giving means the first two nights are free. People usually pay the following £3 charge from their state benefits or, by using Genesis Vouchers. Many people begging for money to "stay in a hostel" are not actually a resident there.

If we give money to charity the money is spent on the administration of getting the money to the charity?

No by joining together we are making sure we are reducing our administration costs. For every £1 you give we ensure this is spent wisely and goes directly to the people we are trying to help. Even this leaflet has been produced by the business community.

Why don't the police arrest all people begging or being drunk and disorderly on the street?

Police resources are under pressure and its unfair to rely on this approach as a long term solution. The police are proactively involved in this campaign and their officers are compassionate and supportive to those who find themselves on the street begging.

What is being done to help the dogs that homeless people have, if we don't give money for their food then it is not fair on the animals?

Many homeless people have dogs because it increases their ability to generate additional giving. However, many of the housing projects in Bath accomodate people with dogs.  

Why are we tackling this issue in Bath now?

Begging in Bath is a continuing problem that in recent years there has been a marked increase in the severity and volume of the problem. There is a real concern that the problems are escalating and that as the trend continues to grow the problem will become unmanageable and damage the reputation of the city.

Organisations in Bath providing practical support for the homeless

Julian House

Stoneham Home Group

The Big Issue Foundation

Developing Health and Independence

Reach Floating Support

The Genesis Trust

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