Please return your items on time if you can - not only will it save you money but someone else will have the opportunity to borrow them.

If you want to keep an item for a bit longer - find out how to renew it instead of returning it.

Don't forget, because of single membership in LibrariesWest you can return items to libraries in neighbouring local authorities. Your library card entitles you to borrow from, and return items to, any library in the consortium.

The authorities are:

  • Bath and North East Somerset
  • Bristol
  • North Somerset
  • Somerset
  • South Gloucestershire
  • Dorset
  • Poole

All authorities will have different charging structures and you should make yourself aware of these before borrowing or using chargeable items.

Need a reminder?

We now offer an email pre-overdue service. We will tell you that your items are going overdue 2 days before they are actually due. This service is free, all you need is your email address added to your account. Visit your local library or add your email address to your LibrariesWest account.

Please Note - the pre-overdue service is an added service to those with an email address. It is still the Library Members responsibility to renew their items on time. We cannot be held responsible for emails not reaching your email inbox and system failures which may cause items to go overdue.

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