There are many ways you can reserve items...

*To reserve items online through LibrariesWest you will need your membership number and PIN code. 

Can I reserve any item?

You can request anything which is in stock from the LibrariesWest and choose to pick it up from any library. You can also ask us to find some items from other libraries in the UK (this is known as an Inter-Library loan). There is an £8.00 search fee for this service, we cannot guarantee that the item you require will be found but the £8.00 charge will still apply.

How much will it cost?

This depends on what item you require and how you have gone about reserving the item. If you reserve items yourself then this will cost less than asking a member of staff to do it for you. See Library Charges and Loan periods for further information. Items outside of the LibrariesWest consortium will cost £8.00, whether reserving it yourself or asking a member of staff.

How long will it take to arrive?

If the item is available straight away, you can expect to be notified within 14 days. Otherwise it will depend on how many people have reserved it before you. This information is available when you search for the item on the LibrariesWest Catalogue. If the item has to be requested from another library in the UK (outside LibrariesWest) it will take an average of 1 month.

How will I know when its arrived?

We will let you know as soon as the item arrives. We can email you, send a text message to your mobile phone, or send a letter by second class mail. Just let us know your preferred method of contact.

How long do I get to collect it?

We will keep the item for up to 9 days at the library you requested when reserving the item. Please note - this is 9 days from when the notification was dated. If you know that it will be after the 9 days we can extend it for a further 5 days if you contact us.


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