Reason for policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide support for mothers who wish to breastfeed their babies in libraries.

Policy statements

  • Mothers are welcome to breastfeed in libraries.  However, having regard for all the activities that take place in a library, staff are encouraged to designate suitable areas that are safe for the mother and baby.

  • the children’s area in the larger libraries is particularly identified as to be a comfortable and suitable environment, and staff will usually direct a mother to this area.

  • All staff will support the needs of any mother who wishes to breastfeed on these premises.

  • The management will always support the right of a mother to breastfeed her baby. 

  • If and where available, private facilities for breastfeeding will be provided at the request of the breastfeeding mother.

  • All staff should be made aware of the policy and its guidelines.

  • The guidelines for this policy should be clearly displayed.

Who does it apply to?

  • To any library user
  • Any staff member

What should I do if I feel the policy has been broken?

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