Energy monitor

Energy monitor library loan scheme

Residents can borrow easy to install electricity monitors for free from Bath Central Library. You can request a monitor at any local library in Bath & North East Somerset for free. The loan period is 3 weeks free of charge and overdue fees are 15p per day to a maximum of £10.00

The electricity monitors clip around electricity cables at the fuse box and have a separate display unit that can be put in a prominent place such as the lounge or kitchen. The display gives a real-time read-out of electricity use and cost, and allows householders to see the energy use read-out rise and fall as lights and appliances are switched on and off - great for raising energy awareness at home and identifying ways to save money on your electricity bill.

For more energy saving tips and guidance visit:

You can also join the B&NES Environmental Sustainability Network to be kept up to date with local green news and events.

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