We offer some reduced rates if you are in one of the concession categories listed

Who gets a concession?

The concessionary rate is available for Bath & North East Somerset library members who are:

  • Children (under 16)
  • People who are registered as disabled
  • Blue badge holders
  • Students*
  • People claiming Housing Benefit*
  • People claiming Jobseekers' allowance*
  • People claiming Working Tax Credit*
  • People claiming Pension Tax Credit*
  • People claiming Income Support*
  • People claiming Employment and Support Allowance*

* Evidence will be required to support your claim. If no evidence is received then you will be allocated as an adult member until proof is shown. 

  • For students we will need to see a valid student card
  • For those claiming a benefit we will need to see an original letter from the department that administers your benefit

What do I get for being a concession?

If you are a library concession member you are entitled to the following reductions in charges:

  • Spoken word & short language courses - £1.30 per item for 3 weeks instead of £1.80
  • Long language courses of 3 CDs / tapes or more - £2.00 per item for 3 weeks instead of £3.00
  • Book reservations outside LibrariesWest - £5.00 per item instead of £8.00
  • Journal articles requested - £5.00 per item plus any copyright fee instead of £8.00

For more information about library charges, please see Library Charges and Loan periods.

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