People's Network Computer Access - Acceptable Use Policy

In order to use the People's Network Computers in our libraries you must agree to the following:

Whilst using these facilities you undertake not to:

  • Transmit, copy, download or view any material that is threatening, obscene or pornographic.
  • Transmit, copy or download any material which violates any criminal or civil law, statutory, regulatory or contractual obligations. This includes copyright materials.
  • Transmit, copy or download commercial software or other material e.g. music, in violation of copyright law.
  • Use profane, obscene, racist or any other language that may be offensive to other users.
  • Create or place malicious software on the system, e.g. computer viruses.
  • Participate in any form of vandalism, including damaging computers, computer systems or networks, and / or disrupting the operation of the network.

You understand and accept that if you do not abide be these conditions your access to the People’s Network computers in Bath & North East Somerset libraries will be withdrawn and the Council may take further action as appropriate. 

Warning: The Library Service does not accept responsibility for the safe keeping of data stored on its “Shared Drive”. Remember that data in the Shared Drive can be edited, altered or deleted by any user of the system. Please save personal or sensitive data on a memory stick or CD.

The Library Service accepts no responsibility for damage done to a user’s floppy disc or other storage device when used in conjunction with a People's Network Computer.

Bath & North East Somerset Council accept no liability for the quality of information on the internet or for the misuse of the internet by library users.

Filtering Policy

Please note that it is the policy of Bath & North East Somerset Council to use content filtering routines to block access to websites on the internet which the council judges to be inappropriate.

The filtering in use can sometimes inadvertently block sites which are not inappropriate and can also sometimes allow access to sites containing material that would be deemed to be inappropriate. 

If you feel that the filtering system is blocking a site unnecessarily or feels that access to a site should be blocked then please contact a member of staff and ask to complete a review form so that further investigation can be carried out by the library management.

Some file types are blocked in order to minimise the spread of viruses onto our system. These include some executable, compressed, javascript, VBscript , audio and video file types.

File types that may be blocked...

Audio Types:

  • aif
  • aifc
  • aiff
  • m3u
  • mid
  • midi
  • mp3
  • ogg
  • rmi
  • snd
  • wav
  • wax
  • wma

Executable Files:

  • bat
  • dat
  • exe

Javascript and VB script:

  • ise
  • vbe
  • vbs

Video Types:

  • asf
  • asx
  • avi
  • ivf
  • m1v
  • mov
  • mp2
  • mp2v
  • mpa
  • mpe
  • mpg
  • mpv2
  • qt
  • ra
  • ram
  • wm
  • wmp
  • wmv
  • wmx
  • wxv

Compressed Files:

  • ace
  • arc
  • arj
  • b64
  • bhx
  • cab
  • gz
  • gzip
  • hqx
  • iso
  • jar
  • izh
  • mim
  • rar
  • tar
  • taz
  • tgz
  • tz
  • uu
  • uue
  • xxe
  • z
  • zip


  • ceo
  • chm
  • com.gz
  • hta
  • mpa
  • mpe
  • mpeg
  • par
  • par2
  • pif
  • ps
  • reg
  • scr
  • sys
  • tng
  • ttf
  • ws
  • wsc
  • wsf
  • wsh



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