Chew Valley Lake

Within the Place Directorate, Environmental Services exists to deliver first class services which are rooted in and meet the needs of the community and which positively impact on the environment and people's quality of life.

The Divisional Director for Environmental Services is Martin Shields.

Environmental Services includes five service areas,

Highways and Traffic

Staff are based at the Civic Centre, Keynsham.

Responsible for the approval of new highway infrastructure and ensuring that the highway is adequately maintained.

The service carries out highway inspections, design and delivery of highway projects, in addition to ensuring effective traffic management and safety of all highway users.

Responsible for winter gritting and incidents on the highway the service also leads on drainage and flooding.

The service covers:

Neighbourhood Environmental Services

There are over 200 staff based in offices and depots throughout Bath & North East Somerset delivering important frontline services for residents, local businesses and visitors.

All staff are encouraged and supported to do their own jobs well and to work with others across Neighbourhood Environment Services and the Council, to ensure excellent outcomes and high customer satisfaction.

Neighbourhood Environmental Services is made up from the following service teams:

Planning Policy & Transport

Staff are based at the Civic Centre, Keynsham.

The section lead on all matters transport policy including the new Transport Strategy for Bath and updating the Joint Local Transport Plan prepared with the West of England Authorities.  We also lead on bidding for transport funding primarily from DfT.

The section covers:

Public Protection & Health Improvement Services

Staff are based at Lewis House, Bath, Locksbrook Road, Bath, and Radstock Road.

The service focus is on prevention, protection and business support - all the service areas focus on supporting the vulnerable and reducing risk.  There is a key focus on business support to assist development of the local economy.

The service is divided into three key teams

Transport & Parking Services

Staff are based at the Civic Centre, Keynsham, Broad Street, Bath and Locksbrook Road, Bath

The service focuses on the movement of traffic on the Network to the benefit of all.  Effective management is vital to delivering a successful Transport Strategy and in supporting the Council’s aims in managing air quality issues and moving towards a low carbon future.

The service is divided into three key teams

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