We've teamed up with SUGAR SMART UK and local organizations to help Bath and North East Somerset get SUGAR SMART!

SUGAR SMART looks at what we can all do at home, in schools, in the community and in food outlets to help people recognise how much sugar is in their food and drink and to provide healthier options.


The recommended maximum daily amount of added sugar is 7.5 teaspoons for adults and 3 – 6 teaspoons for children. However both children and adults in the UK are consuming up to 3x the recommended amount of added sugar leading to serious health conditions such as obesity and diabetes as well as tooth decay.

Last year we took a survey to find out your views on sugar. See the results! This information will guide the campaign for the next year.



Schools - please contact the Director of Public Health Award Team

Join us for SUGAR SMART September!

Following SUGAR SMART Exeter's pioneering effort in 2017 to get the city's residents to take on sugar reduction challenges, SUGAR SMART is taking the challenge and here in B&NES we are joining in! It's a month-long challenge to reduce sugar consumption.

Whether you want to resist sugary office snacks, stop or reduce the sugar in your tea/coffee, or avoid added sugar during Monday to Friday, the choice is yours! Why not get your workplace or colleagues involved in taking part in one of the 4 challenges: Super Seven, Healthy Balanced, Easing In or the No Spoons option. Learn more about each of the challenges by downloading the resource pack and tracking sheet to monitor progress.

Challenge yourself to go SUGAR SMART this September! Join the facebook page for support and ideas @SugarSmartSeptember 

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Campaign resources

Please download resources including posters and leaflets and quiz here

Digital Resources

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