There are 15 technical appendices to the WaterSpace Study as below:

Please note some of these documents are large file sizes and may take a while to open.

Appendix 1a: Asset Mapping (pages 1 - 10)Appendix 1a: Asset Mapping (pages 11 - 19) 

Appendix 1b; Planning Application Mapping (pages 1 - 10),  Appendix 1b; Planning Application Mapping (pages 11 - 19)

Appendix 2: Boater Survey 2016 Full Report

Appendix 3: Focus Group Report

Appendix 4: Interviews Report

Appendix 5: Consultation Report
Open Studio event (PowerPoint)
WaterSpace Consultation Activities 2016 (PowerPoint)

Appendix 6: Call for Ideas Summary Table

Appendix 7: River Avon Bat Survey Report 2016 and River Avon Bat Survey Report - Winter Survey (2016-17)

Appendix 8: Walking Trail Maps

Appendix 9: Bridge Map

Appendix 10: s106 Summary Table ** to follow **

Appendix 11: Festival of Nature 2016 Evaluation Report

Appendix 12: References

Appendix 13: Voicebox Survey Results

Appendix 14: Annual Report 2016-17

Appendix 15: 5 Year Plan

Last updated 5 Sept 2017

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