Mead Lane Mooring Trial, Saltford

The Mead Lane area in Saltford has been subject to a temporary mooring trial since December 2016; informal moorings which have been used by boaters for a number of years are in the Council’s riparian ownership and adjoin the highway (Mead Lane). Over recent years there have been numerous calls from local residents and the boating community to regularise the moorings and outline the terms of their use, including appropriate signage.

A mooring trial was initially run between 2016-2017, which   included 48 hour and 14 day moorings.

During the 2016-17 trial, 25 feedback forms were returned, 10 were objections to the trial and 15 were in support of the new arrangements. Monitoring by local residents showed a high degree of compliance with the mooring trial durations, and showed high demand for the moorings.

A plan of the 2016-17 mooring trial duration and the signage design can be found here:

• Mooring Trial Information (Pdf)
• Mooring information post design (Pdf)

It is proposed that the mooring trial will be extended for 2018-19, and the moorings trial will be amended as follows (revised April 2018):

• 48 hr mooring provision to be retained
• A reduced amount of 14 day moorings to be retained (a section is in private ownership and is to be removed from the trial area)
• A “quiet zone” 8pm – 8am is being introduced (similar to Bathampton moorings)
• Signage is being altered on the mooring posts accordingly.

A feedback form to continue to allow comments to be made on the mooring trial, it can be downloaded here (Word version).

Managing Parking at Mead Lane

At the start of 2017, new white “H” lines were laid opposite residential driveways and essential business access points. These lines are advisory, and indicate not to park on these lines in order that free access can be enjoyed by the residents.  

Proposals for single yellow line parking restrictions that prohibit overnight parking, to reduce instances of anti-social behaviour and obstruction, were advertised by the Highways Department for public comment during August/September 2017. Objections were received to the scheme and, as a result, it is not proposed that parking restrictions will be introduced via a Traffic Regulation order at this location.  

Last updated: 19 April 2018


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