These reports form part of the on-going review and assessment of air quality within Bath and North East Somerset.  Local Authorities are required under Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 to periodically review and assess the air quality in their area.  Present and likely future quality of the air is compared to air quality objectives.  The guidance issued by Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) on how this should be approached has been followed in these assessments.

Since 2016 review and assessment reports are presented as an Annual Status Report.  Previously the reports followed a phased approach depending on the risk of the air quality objectives being exceeded. The phases were repeated on a 3-year cycle. 

Updating and Screening Assessment – to identify sources or monitoring which has changed since the last round of Review and Assessment which might lead to a risk of the air quality objectives being exceeded.

Detailed Assessment – To provide an accurate assessment of the likelihood of an air quality objective being exceeded at locations with relevant exposure. 

Progress Reports – Report new monitoring data, new local developments and include an Action Plan Progress Report

Further Assessment – Required when an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) has been declared.  Gives further information to supplement the detailed assessment. It should confirm the exceedence of the objective; define the improvement needed, and corresponding reduction in emissions and provide information on the source contributions.

Air Quality Review and Assessment Reports

Annual Status Report

2017 Air Quality Annual Status Report

2016 Air Quality Annual Status Report

Round 6

 Updating and Screening Assessment - 2015

Round 5

Updating and Screening Assessement 2012

Progress Report – 2013

Progress Report - 2014

Round 4

Updating and Screening Assessment – 2009

Progress Report – 2010

Detailed Assessment - Saltford

Progress Report – 2011 

Further Assessment - Saltford

Round 3

Round 2

  • Updating and Screening Assessment – 2003
  • Detailed Assessment – 2005
  • Progress Report – 2005
  • Further Assessment – 2009

Reports for Round 2 are available by emailing

 Round 1

  • Stage 1 Air Quality Review and Assessment - 1999
  • Stage 2 Air Quality Review and Assessment - 2000
  • Stage 3 Air Quality Review and Assessment - 2001
  • Stage 4 Air Quality Review and Assessment – 2003

Reports for Round 1 are available by emailing

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