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Road transport is the main source of air pollution in the Bath and North East Somerset area.

Plan your journey using the travelwest journey planner, and make better travel choices for you and the environment.

Active Travel










A recent study by Healthy Air Campaign, King's College London and Camden council found that travelling on foot or by bike exposed commuters to significantly fewer fumes than using a car or bus - so get fit and help reduce air pollution by cycling.

Electric Vehicles

A charge point on the Source West network.











If you have access to an electric vehicle, see where our Source West charging points are located.

To reduce air pollution at home:

  • Buy water based or low solvent paints, varnishes, glues and wood preservers.
  • Avoid burning solid fuels. If you live in the smoke control area (within former Bath City boundary) use only authorised (smokeless) fuels.
  • Don't light bonfires when pollution levels in the area are high.
  • Never burn plastic or rubber.

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