Levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in parts of Bath exceed the national air quality objectives. 

The Council is obligated under the Environment Act 1995 to declare an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) where air pollution exceeds the objectives and implement an ‘Air Quality Action Plan’ (AQAP).   The Council have created a draft action plan for the next 5 years in partnership with local stakeholder groups, which should reduce the levels of nitrogen dioxide across the AQMA. The extent of the area can be seen in the map below.

Bath Air Quality Management Area as declared in 2013.

The Council will be seeking your input on the draft plan.

Air pollution is associated with a number of adverse health impacts. It is recognised as a contributing factor in the onset of heart disease and cancer. Additionally, air pollution particularly affects the most vulnerable in society: children and older people, and those with heart and lung conditions.

Over 90% of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions in Bath are from road traffic. 

The NO2 that we measure at the roadside is from these NOx emissions and a chemical reaction that occurs after leaving the exhaust pipe.

The amount each vehicle type contributes to emissions varies from road to road but diesel cars contribute the highest proportion of NOx emissions in the majority of locations, and lorries, buses and coaches emit most NOx in other areas such as Dorchester Street and Broad Street. 

Whilst lorries, buses and coaches typically constitute less than 10% of traffic, they contribute a higher percentage of NOx emissions. The percentage emission by vehicle type in selected locations in Bath can be seen below.


For more detail, please read the full draft Air Quality Action Plan which will be available here as a link shortly.


To comment on the proposed actions in the plan, please visit the survey webpage that will provided as a link here as soon as it goes live.

If you require a paper copy of the proposed actions, please email environmental_monitoring@bathnes.gov.uk or phone 01225 396517

You are also invited to a drop-in evening at the Guildhall in Bath in July and August (dates to be confirmed) between 4pm and 8pm, where officers will be available to discuss the plan.

The actions are categorized as follows:

- actions in existing strategies; and
- aspirational actions.

Several of the options listed in the survey are not funded - particularly the aspirational actions.  The final action plan however, will influence other corporate schemes and will be the basis on which we bid for money to help deliver the options.

The deadline for consultation responses will be in September (exact date to be confirmed).

Thank you for your time.

Environmental Monitoring Team
1st Floor Lewis House
Manvers Street

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