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Air Quality Management Areas in Bath and North East Somerset:

There are 5 Air Quality Management Areas in Bath and North East Somerset where levels of nitrogen dioxide exceed the national objective annual average level of 40 micrograms per cubic metre.  These are:

Bath's Clean Air Plan

The Bath Air Quality Management Area has been in place since 2002 due to the exceedance of nitrogen dioxide annual average levels.  Traffic growth coupled with the growing proportion of diesel vehicles as a result of government incentives have meant that action plans have struggled to reduce nitrogen dioxide sufficiently to meet national objective levels.  In 2017, the government's own modelling predicted that Bath would be exceeding EU limit values in 2020 and as a result, served a Direction on Bath and North East Somerset Council to undertake a Clean Air Plan to meet the 40 micrograms per cubic metre annual average level by 2021 at the latest.  The Direction provides a welcome opportunity to lower concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, as development and implementation of the Clean Air Plan is funded by central government.  Go to this page for more information on the Clean Air Plan.


Details on our monitoring can be found hereLive air quality data can be found here.  We also have a network of over 120 diffusion tubes across the area, that measure average monthly nitrogen dioxide concentrations.  These are collected once a month and taken to a laboratory. The data for these diffusion tubes is contained with the 'Reports' page.

Information on the smoke control area in Bath and what it means to you is provided on the 'Smoke Control' page.

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