Some activities of a food business are subject to licensing permissions. You will need to apply for a license if you plan to:

  • Sell alcohol by retail
  • Provide late night refreshments, hot food and/or drinks between the hours of 11PM and 5AM (on a permanent or temporary basis).
  • Operate on a public street as a street trader
  • Provide regulated entertainment
  • Place tables and chairs on the public highway

Here is a link to our licensing department’s homepage.


Events and mobile units

If you wish to hold an event on council-owned land (for example, parks or other green spaces), you will need to submit an application to our events department. If you are planning to hold a larger event in one of these spaces, your event plan may be checked by a Safety Advisory Group (SAGE). Information relating to planning and organising events can be found here.

If you are holding a charity or community event and you are going to be providing food, please have a look through the guidance available here.

Mobile catering

Managing a food business without a fixed premise presents different challenges. You should be aware of the potential problems that you can face and how to solve them quickly and effectively. If an event caterer manages the business’ risks poorly, the business can become a potential source of food poisoning and make a significant number of people ill. You can find guidance on event catering here.


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