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Find out about the wild side of Bath & North East Somerset! 

Ecology is the study of living things in their natural habitats. B&NES Planning Services has a key role in delivering the local Biodiversity Action Plan through the Wildthings Partnership.

Bath & North East Somerset is home to a vast array of interesting and rare species and habitats.  

Planning Services provides ecological advice, and guidance on wildlife protection legislation, in relation to developments and more generally. This includes:

  • Priority BAP species and habitats (link to list)
  • Information on international, national and local wildlife and geological sites
  • Advice on nature conservation policies in the Local Plan
  • Advice to other Council departments on wildlife issues e.g. highways, pest control
  • Hedgerow removal applications 
  • Badgers and badger setts
  • Bats and roosts - River Avon Bat Project

The Bristol Region Environmental Records Centre (BRERC) provides data on where wildlife sites and species are in Bath and North East Somerset. See the BRERC website:  Email:

Planning Applications and Ecology 

Details of Ecological and Geological assessment requirements for Planning Applications can be found here: Biodiversity and Geological Conservation Assessment – Planning Application requirements.


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