If your home has been adapted to meet the needs of someone with a disability, you may qualify for a reduction in your Council Tax bill.

This is called a Disabled Band Reduction. Where a discount is awarded you will be charged Council Tax at the rate set for the band below your actual property band. For example, if your property is band D, you will be charged at the rate for band C. Even if your property is in the lowest band already, we may still be able to reduce your bill.

This scheme helps ensure that disabled people don’t pay more Council Tax because they need a larger property due to their disability.

Qualifying conditions for a Disabled Band Reduction

If you, or someone who lives with you, is 'substantially and permanently' disabled we may be able to reduce the bill. A physical disability, learning difficulties or mental health issues can all be qualifying conditions.

You don't have to be receiving Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance to qualify, but we ask about them to help us decide. If you don't have them we will ask for more details about the disability instead.

The property must also have at least one of these:

  • a room which is mainly used by the disabled person and is essential, or of major importance, to their welfare; or
  • an extra bathroom or extra kitchen which is necessary to  meet the needs of the disabled person; or
  • enough floor space to use a wheelchair. The disabled person must need to use the wheelchair indoors.

Applying for a Disabled Band Reduction

The person responsible for paying the Council Tax bill usually applies for the reduction even if they are not the disabled person. For example, the disabled person may be a child.

Please contact us during office hours* on 01225 47 77 77, or email your details to counciltax@bathnes.gov.uk

(*office hours are: Mon, Tues & Thurs 8:30am - 5.00pm, Weds 9:30am - 5:00pm and Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm)

We will ask you to complete an application form and arrange for an officer to carry out a home visit to confirm that the qualifying conditions are met.

After you've applied for the reduction

You must continue to pay the instalments shown on your Council Tax bill until you hear from us.

We periodically check accounts that have been granted discounts and exemptions, and we reserve the right to use credit reference agencies to validate claims. If we contact you to review your discount and we don’t hear back from you, we will cancel it.

You must tell us if there is a change in your circumstances that may affect your discount. If you don't tell us you may have to pay a penalty.

If you get a Disabled Band Reduction you can still apply for other discounts.

You can also still apply for Council Tax Support if you have a low income.


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