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14 + Preparing for Adulthood

Under the new changes to Special Educational Needs and Disability legislation, a greater emphasis has been placed on preparing for adulthood from Early Years. Preparing for Adulthood is a term used by professionals to refer to a young person with a special educational need or a disability who is moving into adult life.

The Preparing for Adulthood process takes into account that sometimes a lot more planning needs to happen to ensure the transition to adulthood is as smooth as possible for young people with additional needs.

Preparing for Adulthood is also about helping young people and their families to prepare for the changes in services that they may receive. In Bath and North East Somerset, we have a Local First framework which outlines the support available for young people to access further education locally that meets their aspirations and needs, wherever possible. More information about the further education options available and Preparing for Adulthood in general can be found on our searchable Local Offer, Rainbow Resource.

According to the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Code of Practice (2014), which has replaced the SEN Code of Practice (2001), EHC Plans from Year 9 and subsequent EHC reviews should focus on Preparing for Adulthood.

In B&NES we recognise that good transition planning needs to be based around four specific areas (Pathways) and these have been embedded into our preparation for SEND Reform and Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans:

  1. Employment/Education and Training(Pathway 1)
  2. Independence and Housing (Pathway 2)
  3. Health (Pathway 3)
  4. Friendships, Relationships and Community (Pathway 4)

B&NES have developed a transition pathway to support young people and their families through the transition process using person centred approaches.  Currently this is being updated and will be showing on this page shortly.


Impartial Information, Advice and Support

If you need support or further advice regarding preparing for adulthood, please visit the Information, Advice and Support page.

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